Marco Bettin, the prana-therapist, the writer, the painter, the sculptor of Piemonte (Italy)

  Marco Bettin, the prana-therapist painter of Piemonte (Italy)  
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  The interviews of Marco Bettin, the prana-therapist, the writer, the painter, the sculptor of Piemonte (Italy)
Excerpts of interviews to Marco Bettin
How to conceive the art, and what proposal has?
The art is totality, is absolute and inconditional love. since a kid, I was interested to the art. I’m considered by myself, because i never made specific studies. The art must to involve the users, has to transmit emotional perceptions, is like a filter, fluctuating and ever-changing, if remains static level, doesn’t steal deeply into the inner sphere. The art, understand as photografic rappresentation, it hasn’t mean, doesn’t excite the observator, and doesn’t permit personal free interpretation. The art must wrap, transfer and permeate intense pathos.
What is to be provided with your creations?
First of all, the maximum freedom of interpretation. I’d like to encourage a meditative reflection free from blockages and psychological barriers. Then, I’d like that everyone personilize my artworks to himself to feel them fully into the inner spiritual dimension. To each is allocated its own creation, as in a virtual path, which weaves a bond unconscious but powerful. Who buys my artworks is aware of the deep synergy, that establishes with them. Every painting, hides a peculiar message, intrinsic and subliminal, that the user,has to steal and welcome in his soul.
How do you reconcile the passion for art to the gift of prana-therapy, which you have?
There is a big, synergistic cohesion, because the art is energy. Every form of artistic expression, is enfolded by a particolar mistery, and there is a precise conceptual project of elaboration to follow. Every brushstroke must be targeted and calibrated. Colors and cromatic shades have to mix and in the perfect and harmonious balance. Prana-therapy is also an energy, pure, to mantain and retain always clean and in the optimal balance for body and mind.
How many years are you a prana-therapist?
Twenty-five years, I have a large and devoted group of people who, rely on me with full and total confidence, I don’t force anyone to ever come back to me, I wouldn’t ever pass judgment on anyone. Everyone has their own personal conscience and consciousness in action. People first, have to know them in their ego introspective, in the most intimate sphere, then it’s possible to interact and create a contact constructive and positive. I wrote a book, where I talk about my journey and explain the theories, applications and meditative that guide me. I have also added four mysteries to be discovered through a careful reading reflexive.
What purpose has its own association "NOSEA"?
The Associazione Nosea Amici di Marco Bettin , is no profit, staffed by volunteers, is a fraternal community, for charity. The primary objective is to help the most vulnerable children and manage the problems linked to the territory. Our distinctive symbol is the squirrel, an animal because it is fast, agile and with a dynamism inherent in its nature, but at the same time is a scrupulous conservative. Then it’s a tender, loving creature. For us, the squirrel has a symbolic significance metaphorical, there is the best in the constitutive characteristics.

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