Marco Bettin, the prana-therapist, the writer, the painter, the sculptor of Piemonte (Italy)

  Marco Bettin, the prana-therapist painter of Piemonte (Italy)  
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    The gift of prana-therapy of Marco Bettin, the prana-therapist, the writer, the painter, the sculptor of Piemonte (Italy)
In this section you can find all the information about the world of prana-therapy

What is the prana-therapy?
  Source: Enciclopedia Treccani
prana-therapy: Curative treatment through the laying on of hands. According to indian philosophy the prāṇa represents the five forms of vital energy of body, absorbed through breathing or through the chakras (centers of energy transformation) and distributed troughout the body.
Everyone would emit energy detectable by the hands by the prana-therapist as different sensation depending on whether it’s balance, and therefore well-being, or imbalance, and so altered.
In the second case, using certain points and particular movements of the hands held at a variable distance from the patient, operator would be able to restore the balance.

This is his definition; but what is it really? What are the benefits?
Continue reading; you will find the interview to Marco Bettin, the prana-therapist, the writer, the painter, the sculptor italian energy.

Questions about prana-therapy
How long have you prana-therapist?
From 26 years
What is the use prana-therapy?
To eject a body of negative energies and from toxins accumulated in everyday life and recharge of clean energy, such as a battery of a phone.
What do you mean by negative energies and toxins?
Negative energies are all the nagativity of everyday life, sorrow, tension, stress, bombardment of negative news by media and subliminal messages...And not only, that even the negativity transmitted from body to body.
The toxins are instead all toxic substances introduced through alimentation, the respiration, an example is fluorine that interferes with the functionality of the pineal gland.
But fluorine is not helpful to the welfare of the organism? At the health of the teeth and skeleton?
The fluorine is useful to the organism, but in the quantities and proportions that nature has established, the problems arise from the huge supplementation, which also happens without the knowledge of the people in the form of toothpaste, soft drinks, added in water and foods.
Have you ever wondered how in the Court of Pigna in the Vatican there is a pine cone, simbol of the pineal gland?
Because in the occult symbology the pine cone represents the subjugation of the people.
The excess of fluorine inhibits the pituitary gland, inhibits the functions spiritual man, the pituitary gland is the third eye, element that can be activated at frequencies of the spiritual world, that gives the sense of euphoria from the divine.
What does the prana-therapy with fluorine?
The prana-therapy goes to unlock everything and returns to body its full functionality, physical and spiritual.
How can you prove that the prana-therapy really acts on the pituitary?
When people come to be treated by me, I always ask them to refer all had symptoms within 4 days after treatment, which could be, chills, nausea, dizziness, somnolence or hypermxcitability with tachycardia.
Each symptom is an index taht shows me the state of inbalance of the person, where I will have to go to work.
For example, the sense of the dizziness means that the pituitary and the same person are so saturated with toxic substances that the person can not longer be itself, the treatment brings the body and the whole person as they should be, infact usually after 5-6 seats people start to be more lucid, alert and increase their mood.
I state that I never tell people what must be the positive effects of prana-therapy indeed say that the best judges to be themselves.
So you will replace the current medicine?
Absolutely not, because if I cure as many people as the actual medicine, I would be God.
So what do you say to match prana-therapy with the actual medicine?
If there were no limits intellectual and cultural, would be the best for people, because they would have one or the other, and where not arrived the medicine, maybe arrive the prana-therapy and vice versa.
But this can not happen because the Vatican still believes witches and sorcerers, and pharmaceutical companies would earn less on drugs and other medicines to them profitable.
So now I have a question to you, as if you never prana-therapy does not work, in other states outside of Italy is even practiced in some hospitals?
Maybe they don’t have the strength and the opposition of the Vatican and of some speculators pharmaceuticals, that block all other alternative therapies, as homeopathy and acupuncture etc.
How do you recognize a real prana-therapist?
First of all we have all the prana-therapy who more and who less.
And the amounth of output that counts, and it is recognized by the warmth of the hands and not only the well-being also leaving.
Infact this world is full of charlatans and profiteers that play to plagiarize people.
Although I personally do not believe in the theory of plagiarism in 2014, also because today we all studied and not only, we even have the media and internet to inform us.
So either you are stupid to throw money away, or you do not be stupid because it makes you comfortable.
If you get a persone with a tumor you heal him?
I have already answered before, I’m not the God.
If I cure the tumor at this time I would have monuments everywhere, who says this to me is just a charlatan.
What can cure prana-therapy?
This energy can help for the depression, can be torched the inflamed parts, dissolve cysts, namely out the liquid that forms on the inflamed parts.
Infact it also takes out the serum that is formed in the bruised knees.
Namely is beneficial on all inflammations in the body. But it does not cure immune diseases.
Too much to list, I will stop here for now.
For the prana-therapist there are risks to his health?
The risks are many if he does not get the energies accumulated by the people treated, infact I do a lot of meditation by me designed to purify, and than drain with iron and water, always here with specific exercises.
What kind of problems may meet a prana-therapist?
If he does not drain well can meet all cardiovascular diseases; infact most of the prana-therapist has problems of varicose veins, often suffer of tachycardia and can may risk myocardial infarction.
There may be bowel problems and lymphatic circulation. In more severe cases can be also affected the liver.
Why is struck just the cardiovascular system?
The magnetism that creates the prana is produced by the heart, the heart of a person who has a lot of energy prana is like an electric battery always charge it at any time may experience a shock overload.
that is why the prana-therapist should always do a lot of meditation, to maintain the peace, to control the heart rate that is lowered with meditation.
Infectious diseases can be cured with the prana?
No because viruses and bacteris feed on the energy prana and the person may even be worse.
Viruses and bacteria are elements of nature and all leaving beings has they feed on energy prana that is vital energy.
The prana nourishing all cells, supplying both healthy cells and those infected form viruses therefore; give the prana in a state of infection is how to feed two armies being much stronger in the body will fight a war far more violet effects-symptoms more severe.
The energies of a prana-therapist treating a lot of people are exhausted?
Conversely, the more the prana is used, the more is stimulated and increases the quantity that is produced.
So the greater the quantity of prana that a person has more serious are the risks that runs?
Yes because the work of the heart increases, infact a prana can not suddenly stop treating people.
And with age?
Over the years the quantity of prana decreases but never goes out completely.
The quality of prana is the same in all prana-therapists?
If they keep the concept of clean energy is, otherwise may encounter even prana-therapists that also release their negativity.
And who can you recognize?
We can not recognize at the time, is the consciousness of the prana-therapist, only after the person will notice if it is better or not.
And can I know which are the exercises are practiced?
About this I do not answer because I’m many years that I study how purify and how to recharge me, and so I’m not going to say the arts of knowledge, I have served years of study and not only that, even the hours and days with people who practiced the prana, namely seniors who have given me their wealth of experience.
I teach this in my meditation courses and the knowledge of energies.
So if I came to your courses, paying could haunt you?
Yes if you pay it.
So you teach only for profit, to earn?
Sorry if I answer with another question, you do not eat everyday, or stories of your life expreriences at all?
If people pay, it seems strange, but they appreciate more the things or the time of the people who employ to teach others.
The prana-therapy is related to esotericism?
No, the prana is a phisical energy that everyone have, is the vital energy of the body, who has it in exuberance can use to help others.
Can the prana-therapy evolve me spiritually?
No are two different things. A doctor does not cure the spirit!
Yes but ones a doctor was healer, and also spiritual guide...
You are right, ones, but now we are in 2014 there are more wizards!
For me the prana-therapy is a form of therapy that should be used  with official medicine.
But prana-therapy solves finally the problems?
Its depends what you mean, your house remain clean forever after you have clean ones?
How do I know if a problem will be solved by the sessions of prana-therapy?
The results should be seen within 6 sessions, if not, if there are no results must deepen the problem and follow other paths.
It is all about the honesty of prana-therapist and also, as I always say, there is no better judge of himself, the person judges whether it is better or not.
How can you say that the news media have pathological effects on humans?
The best example is a brain, that memorize everythings that is being said, both the positive and the negative, if the first things that I listen during the day are the catastrophic news of newscast, the spirit in which I face the day?
Already depressed! The brain records and accumulates all the information that it receives as when study a book.
The human body is made up of thousands of cells, each of which antenna, so each cell receives information.
The prana-therapy works directly on each cell of body, entering is"his" information.
Can you cure children with the prana-therapy?
Yes, the prana-therapy has been titrated according to the weight and mass of a person, then it can be used with everyone.
Are children more receptive of adults in the way?
Yes children are more receptive because they are a pure energy and are growing.
So it can also be used with the animals?
Yes, all living plants also incorporate the pure energy.
A person who is undergoing the chemotherapy for tumor can be treated with prana-therapy?
Yes it indeed chemoterapy is better tolerated because the side effects are alleviated.
And during radiation therapy?
No, not for the negative effects on the person but because the radiation would be accumulated by the prana-therapist.
And the prana-therapist is unable to purify these radiation?
No, he can not purify anything that is radiation even those that are used for diagnostic exams because they are not natural energies.
A person who has been undergone radiation therapy can never be cured with prana-therapy?
They must spent at least 3-4 months and the prana-therapist must keep the hands at least 15 cm from the body.

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